A few shots from my recent travels to Colorado, California, and Florida.
— CO —colorado, trees, forrestcolorado, mountain, forrestreflection on truck window

// WA \\IMG_6159s, gassworks park, Seattleseattle library architecture reflection >>FL<<plane view over floridapool floaties with classical greek influence marble sisters chatting about the batchelorette showsmoking room _
It’s never a real beach vacation without pineapple drinks.pineapple drink on the beach
thumbs up to the ocean view
~ CA ~IMG_6435s, Coppin' around on Mission St, SF IMG_6440sIMG_6452s, camera obscura, ocean beachoverlooking the oceanlobby building downtown sfbuilding architecture in sfsilhouettes sitting dark home with bright door_
Someone’s stepping up their plane game.plane interior