Looking back at 2014

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Lets take a look back at the work I was a part of in 2014.

First, a project that has won the top spot for best use of technology at the Event Design Awards 2014, the Genentech Pipeline Explorer. My role on this project was visual designer, motion designer, and post production. I also co-wrote a blog post that documents our process, which includes  behind the scenes images and lots of project details.

Genentech BioOncology Pipeline at ASCO 2014 from Stimulant on Vimeo.

Second, the interactive art installation for Decibel Fesitval called dBcube. This highly experimental four-sided interactive dance cube received tons of attention from festival goers. The USS Enterprise helmsman, George Takai, also had his turn.

#dBcube at EMP for Decibel Festival 2014 from Stimulant on Vimeo.

A personal favorite of mine is an exhibit for the MOHAI museum in Seattle. The Launchpad uses interactive multi-touch mirrors, depth-sensing cameras, and a real time reactive particle system.

MOHAI Launchpad from Stimulant on Vimeo.

I had the opportunity to  work on branding for my good friend, Noise Jockey. In his spare time, NJ is field recording, producing sound design, sound effects, and music. Here is the final logotype design lockup at the top of his website.Noise Jockey website redesign, gerg werk_
Reversed logomark optionsnoise jockey logomarks, logo_
Alternative direction using Morse code as sound and visual symbolnoise jockey logomarks, logo_
Alternative direction using a noise maker as main logonoise-maker-blog_
Color and layout exploration for logotype noise jockey, logotypes, logo_
Sketch and type explorationsnoise jockey documentation, process

2014 Decibel Festival Cube

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For the 2014 Decibel Festival, Stimulant designed and built an interactive art installation. The Decibel Cube (#dbCube) uses four Kinect 2’s to track dancers movement across a four foot, five sided plexiglass cube.  Dancers on opposite sides share a unique experience as flowing interactive ribbons connect their virtual bodies. These generated graphics pulse in real-time as the visuals cycle through multiple virtual environments.

Stimulant has made the source code available at This includes the Cinder project for GPU-powered graphics, the node.js software for client synchronization, and even a vvvv patch for audio analysis. The tech discussion is happening over on the Cinder forums.

Hardware for the dbCube__
Joel Pryde and Aron Schoppert setup before Decibel Festival starts.
Joel Pryde and Aron Schoppert setup before Decibel Festival starts.__
Testing completetesting complete!
One of the many virtual environments.One of the many virtual environments.

Client: Decibel Festival
Agency: Stimulant

Stimulant credit list:
Design Director: Darren David
Art Director: Jules Konig
Project Manager: Kristi Torgrimson
Technical Director: Josh Santangelo
Technical Lead: Joel Pryde
Concept Design and Visual Design: Jules Konig and Gregory Kaufman
Quality Assurance Lead: Aron Schoppert
Video cinematography and post production: Gregory Kaufman

VA: dancing is….. exercise?

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heart related issues are leading causes of death in america.

i sent out a questionairre to my school asking people their exercise routines, or lack of. the main thing i realized when doing this is, everyone is different. some people like to exercise in groups, others in private on their own. people should be doing things they are already interested in, not going to the gym if it sounds unsatisfying. some common answers for exercise: riding bikes, walking, playing a sport, running etc.

for my project i started creating music mixes hoping the user continue listening until the mix is over. i choose to hand out music mixes for people to listen to, whatever they consider exercising to be. i chose to create a light (30 minutes of upbeat music) and heavy mix (60 minutes of sick baselines and beats) for different situations that might require intense work as opposed to a light activity.

the way to pass out these mixes are cds. i didn’t want to go buy a ton of cd cases to pass out with the mixes, so i looked around my apartment for other things to use. there it was. a steaming pile of junk mail collecting dust by the door. i found and manipulated paper folding techniques to hold two cds. because the found paper material already has material printed on it, I decided to screen print over existing designs with my own. to try and make the paper cd case double use, i printed boxes that resemble a calendar on the inside. my hopes- people not throw away the printed material, but use it to their advantage. this part of the cd case was less successful because i didn’t have any white ink, so i printed with black.

so far the mixes are a hit and miss. you can’t please every one all the time. there are parts in the mixes where i mess up, but i leave them in to let people know these are live mixes, and also to announce that i myself make mistakes too. the genre so far is different kinds of dance music(fidget, electro, bangers, funk, house etc). i’m thinking of creating a way to stream a dj set for people to hear live, as apposed to getting the cds.

want a mix? just email me and I’ll get you a copy so you can start shaking your booty while you clean the house, bike, dance or walk around the block.

look at all this wasted print sent to my mailbox.

folding techniques.
time to print
instructions for listening: 1. move your ass ’till the music stops & 2. rinse and repeat.

able to fold it in a way to reveal the cd through a nice geometric shape.