Genentech’s BioOncology 2014 Pipeline: Design & process

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Genentech BioOncology Pipeline at ASCO 2014 from Stimulant on Vimeo.

Every year, the rock stars of the cancer research and treatment world put on their shiniest shoes and assemble for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the ASCO conference, Genentech’s BioOncology group asked Stimulant to design and develop a unique way to view and interact with their drug development pipeline. This pipeline represents all the molecules currently being researched and tested to treat various tumor types, each of which can be organized by tumors they may affect, the biological mechanism of their action, and the phase of testing they’re currently in. 

In a sea of printed bar charts that focus on one area of study, Stimulant designed a way for conference attendees to focus in on their own area of interest while still maintaining a holistic look of the data in a larger context. As leaders in biotechnology, Genentech must also pave the way as how data is presented to the oncology community.

I had the pleasure to co-write and share our design process for this project. To read the full design process details along with more behind the scenes imagery, visit:
Dana Smith testing size relationships on low-fi print mock upDana Smith user testing genentech pipeline explorer

Client: Genentech
Agency: Stimulant

Stimulant credit list:
Design Director: Nathan Moody
Art Director: Jules Konig
Project Manager: Julie Yamato
Technical Director: Josh Santangelo
Technical lead: Ritesh Lala
Interaction Design: Dana Smith
Visual Design, Motion Design, & Post Production: Gregory Kaufman
Cinematographers: Stephan Winokur and Nathan Moody
Header image by Stephan Winokur

MOHAI Launchpad

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 was asked by the Museum of History and Innovation to build an interactive piece for the new Bezos Center of Innovation. Using depth sensing cameras we were able to track visitors’ body movements and display them back as a reactive particle system. A menu system animates once the visitor gets close enough to the mirrored display.  Through a series of short interactions, we encourage kids and adults alike to put on their thinking caps and release their inner innovator.
Client: Museum of History and Industry

Agency: Stimulant

Stimulant credit list:
Design Director: Nathan Moody
Art Director: Jules Konig
Director of Project Management: Kristi Torgrimson
Technical Director: Josh Santangelo
Developers: Ritesh Lala, James Hurlbut, & Josh Wagoner
Design, Video Production, & Post Production: Gregory Kaufman

MOHAI video playerMOHAI LaunchpadMOHAI Launchpad

banff, canada

Going North for the winter

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I had the opportunity to travel to Banff, Canada late last year.  All the footage is taken with a Canon 60D. I opted getting a standard kit lens (18-55mm) and a 50mm prime. As expected, the kit lens operates okay for starters, but the quality of the prime is significant. It’s light, sharp, and with a 1.8 aperture it’s very fast. However, as seen in the footage above, the distance of this lens makes it extremely difficult to maintain a steady shot when handheld. My recommendation for this lens is to use a tripod. If you still want to shoot without one, tighten the camera strap as tight as you can, pull the camera away from your body, and tuck your elbows into your stomach. Another note when getting a new camera, most camera picture settings automatically increase the sharpness and saturation. I made the mistake of shooting an entire day of video with these settings up too high. To make sure you have the most post editing flexibility, turn these settings down before you begin.

All shots are handheld without the aid of any camera rig
Camera: Canon 60D
Lenses: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS & 50mm f/1.8 II
Post: Premiere & After Effects
Audio: Burial, Four Tet, & Thom Yorke – Ego (33rpm)
Typeface: Fella by Kelly Farmer

Banff, Canada Banff, Canada banff, Canada banff, canada, Mt. Norquay Banff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, CanadaBanff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, Canada Banff, Canada

Seattle: Part II

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Seattle: Part II documents my time at the well known Decibel Festival. I had the opportunity to shoot extra footage while documenting Stimulant’s audio-reactive signage for Decibel. I was able to see some amazing djs that range from Derrick Carter, Nicolas Jaar, Kode 9, to the Martinez Brothers. I highly recommend attending this music festival.

Lets take a minute to talk about the equipment I used. This is the second time using this body (Canon 7D), and it is quite solid. The Z-finder is optical viewfinder for focusing in shallow depth of field (and boy, does this tool help). Z-finders also act great third point of contact (with your elbows tucked into your body, legs apart, knees slightly bent) when shooting handheld. The real treat was testing out the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM II lens. Because of its range and the incredible sharpness it maintains, this lens could be the only lens you own. With an aperture of 2.8, this is great for shooting in dark situations. The major drawback of this lens, the whopping price. It’s hard to justify paying this amount for any lens, but if you’re going to shoot professionally, this lens is not to be overlooked.

All footage is handheld and some with the aid of a Z-finder.
Camera: Canon 7D
Lenses: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM II and Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
Editing & Color: Adobe Premiere CS6 / After Effects CS6
Audio: Breach & Midland- 101

Notable visuals by:
Joel Pryde
Mary Franck
Tarik Barri

Special thanks to:
Kate Lesta
Vance Galloway
Kristyn Brown
Josh Santangelo (@endquote)
Nathan Moody (@atomick)
Decibel Festival (@dBFestival)

Some examples of the range of music at Decibel:

Derrick Carter:

Nicolas Jaar’s Essential One Mix:

Kode 9:

The Martinez Brothers Essential Mix:

Seattle: Part I

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While documenting Stimulant’s digital signage for the Decibel Festival in Seattle, I took some extra video for fun. These handheld video tests were captured without the aid of any camera rig. The beginning of the video is taken at MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry), which showcases a stunning amount of Seattle history. Part II will will explore Seattle nightlife.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 18-55mm
Editing: Adobe Premiere CS6 / After Effects CS6
Audio: Blockhead – A Better Place

Seattle Space Needle Seattle water from a boat chelsea l perry portraitwhale watching people_
Visuals by Joel PrydeJoel Pryde, projection, art, decibel festival, q nightclub downtown seattle back alley graffiti seattle link light rail, international district station

Renegade Fair San Francisco 2013

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In order to test shoot with handheld video, I went to the Renegade Fair SF at Fort Mason for a bit of practice. These shots were taken without the aid of any camera rig. More video tests to come soon!

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 18-55mm
Editing: Adobe Premiere CS6 / After Effects CS6
Audio: Botany – Waterparker

Burning man 2013

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A few adventures with Deus Ex Detective Agency at Burning Man 2013.Deus Ex Detective Camp at Burning Man 2013_
Home baseFamily HutsDeus Ex Detective OfficeDeus Ex Detective OfficeLate night snackHombre detective David_
Deus Ex Detective Agency was asked to be the very first fighters in the Death Guild’s Thunderdome of 2013Death Guild thunderdomeDeath Guild thunderdomeDeath Guild thunderdome opera singerDeath Guild thunderdome detective battle_
Detectives secret speakeasyDeus Ex secret speakeasyWomen of Deus Ex Deus Ex detective tentDeus Ex detective tentDeus Ex mobster_
Mars rover team visiting our camp for a grilled cheese sandwich dinnerMars rover team visits for dinnerburning man sunsetDeus Ex Detective Agency 2013burning man sunrise _
Deus Ex Detective Agency and Hornsby Auto Shop (ahem…speakeasy) business cards I designed
Deus Ex business card mockup Hornsby auto repair shop business card mockup with password